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OutBack Power RADIAN GS8048 Inverter

Outback Power’s RADIAN GS8048 Inverter -- An excellent choice when you need a dependable power solution for your home or business!

Features include:

  • Grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in one unit
  • 8000W continuous power rating
  • Simplified parallel design from 8 kW to 80kW
  • Unsurpassed surge capacity
  • GS load center option allowing for ease of installation
  • Field-serviceable modular design
  • 120/240V split-phase voltage
  • Field-upgradeable firmware
  • Idle consumption-invert mode, no load -- 30W
  • Dual AC inputs

This is one of the most powerful DC-to-AC true sinewave inverters, battery charger, and dual AC inputs, with 120/240 split-phase output, providing a total power solution that seamlessly integrates with traditional North American wiring practices. The Radian Series has a stainless steel face with galvanized steel enclosure, with OutBack’s signature ruggedness and a lustrous modern appearance. And once your batteries are full, excess power is fed back to the utility for grid-tied use.

Unique dual-power module design provides excellent efficiency at both low and full power applications, while providing redundancy for critical applications; this also allows for easy field servicing of installed systems, or easy integration (paralleling additional units) if power requirements increase in the future.

Oasis Montana owner, Chris Daum, selected this inverter for her home/office solar power system upgrade in December, 2011. 

Initially I was going to keep my old inverter and battery setup and just use the Sanyo (modules) in a straight grid-tie, battery-less configuration with an SMA or Fronius inverter.  Then this new inverter came on the horizon in late summer.  The more we heard about it, the more inclined we were to give it a try; you can still feed power back when you are making more than you are using, and it has the surge capacity to run my 1.5 HP, 240VAC water pump.


PVP 2000 (120V, 93% peak efficiency, 135-500 VDC, 76 lbs)
PVP 2800-XV (240V, 96% peak efficiency, 170-500 VDC, 76 lbs)
PVP 2900 (208V, 94% peak efficiency, 205-500 VDC, 89 lbs)
PVP 3200 (240V, 94.5% peak efficiency, 230-500 VDC, 89 lbs)
PVP 4600 (208V, 95.5% peak efficiency, 205-500 VDC, 135 lbs)
PVP 5200 (240V, 96% peak efficiency, 240-500 VDC, 135 lbs)


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