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Example solar electric
grid-tie inverter system
solar electric grid tie inverter power sample systems for residential and commercial applications

20     Module 305w Solar Module SMA Sunny Boy Inverter
 1      Roof Mount UniRac 10x2 Roof Mount
 1      Combiner MNPV6-250 DISCO
 2      Cable Output Cable 20' MC4 10AWG
 2      Breaker 15A 150VDC
 1      Rapid SD MidNite Transmitter
 1      Rapid SD MidNite Receiver
 1      Inverter SMA Sunny Boy 6.0TL
 1      Arrestor MidNite MNSPD300
 2      Ground weeb Assembled 6.7
 6      Connector Strain Relief Heyco 1 hole
 1      Connector Strain Relief Heyco 2 hole

Sub Total $8,800
Shipping TBD
Total $8,800
Fed Tex Credit $(2,664)
Adjusted Total $6,216


Qty Item Description
10 module Mission Solar MSE300SQ5T
1 Roof Mount IronRidge 2x5 Portrait
1 Combiner Quick Mount Flashed J Box
2 Cables Output Cable 20' MC4 10AWG
2 Fuse Holders Touch safe DIN mount
3 Fuses Bussman, Midget Fuse 20A
1 Disconnect SQD 30A Fused D221NRB
1 Disconnect SQD 60A 600VDC Unfused HU362RB
1 Ground Kit SQD Ground Kit 3 Term 4AWG Max
1 Inverter SMA Sunny Boy 3.0-US


Sub Total $5,767.00
Shipping TBD
Total $5,767.00
Fed Tax Credit (30%) $(1,730.10)
Total $4,036.90


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