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PV Powered Grid-Tie Inverters

Star inverter by PV Powered utility tie Solar inverter


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PV Powered PVP1100, PVP2000, PVP3000 Model Utility-Tie Inverts

The PVP1100, PVP2000, and PVP3000 inverters are available in extended and standard voltage range versions to best fit the needs of each installation. The Extended Voltage Range (115- 500Vdc) products offer low MPPT voltage and are ideal for integration with next generation low- voltage and building-integrated (BIVP) modules. The Standard Voltage Range (150-500Vdc) products are optimized for traditional modules. Additional flexibility is provided by PV Powered's new ETL-listed and NEC code-compliant integration platform for both indoor and outdoor installations. Other system options include different mounting methods, AC and DC disconnects, inverter status display, and wired or wireless data monitoring. This flexible approach enables visually pleasing, site-specific configurations that reduce permitting and inspection issues and installation time. 10 year warranty.

PV Powered PVP5200,PVP4800, PVP4600, PVP3500, PVP2500 Utility-Tie Inverters:

PV Powered inverters deliver maximum energy harvest from your PV system with high reliability and efficiency. Significant software integration and a modular design combine to create a scalable platform with fewer components and higher uptime. By employing fewer parts and ensuring those parts are of the highest quality, PV Powered has created a line of residential grid-tied inverters that spend more time generating electricity and less time being repaired. Performance monitoring is available, which includes low cost, secure, web-based access to your system's status and performance history. With the PVM1010 option, you can maximize your system uptime and protect your solar investment. 10 year warranty.

Model Output CEC* Max Voltage Weight lbs. Price
PVP1100 120V 91.5% 500 84.5 $2375
PVP2000 240V 92.5% 500 92.5 $2490
PVP3000 240V 93.5% 500 106.5 $2995
PVP5200 208V 96.0% 500 162 $4258
PVP4800 240V 96.0% 500 162 $4025
PVP4600 208V 95.5% 500 162 $3990
PVP3500 240V 95.5% 500 120 $3270
PVP2500 240V 94.5% 500 106.5 $2765
PVP1010 Data Module       $330

*CEC- California Energy Commission efficiency

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