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Schneider Electric (formerly Xantrex)
Conext Series grid-tie solar inverters

Xantrex solar grid tie inverters

The Schneider Electric line of Conext grid-tie solar inverters makes installation and operation of a residential or small commercial grid connected PV system easy and affordable. There are four Schneider Conext inverters available with maximum AC outputs of 2.8kW, 3.3kW, 3.8kW, and 5.0kW. The Conext Series offers high efficiency ( up to 95.5% CEC ), clean aesthetics, 240 and 208 volt operation, high reliability, compact size, and a NEC-compliant integrated DC/AC disconnect. The Conext Series may be installed as a single inverter for a single PV array, or in a multiple-inverter configuration for larger PV arrays.

The inverter that is right for you depends on the size of your solar array and your AC voltage (240 or 208). These inverters are very efficient (peak efficiencies ~95%) at converting high-voltage DC power from your solar array to AC power that can be used by your AC appliances or sold back to the utility company. The Schneider Conext inverters feature a rugged NEMA 3R enclosure that allows for indoor or outdoor installations, and they come with a lightweight and versatile mounting bracket that simplifies installation. When mounted outdoors, the Conext built-in ground fault protection device and lockable AC/ DC disconnects eliminate the need to install additional disconnects to satisfy the NEC code. Another plus, from an installer’s point of view, is that the Conext wiring box can be separated from the sealed inverter enclosure, allowing the AC/DC disconnects to remain in place if the inverter should ever need to be sent in for service. Unlike other grid-tie inverters that decrease their power output as the temperature rises, the Schneider Conext inverters will maintain full-rated power up to 104°F. Its two-line backlit liquid crystal display shows the solar array’s voltage, current and instantaneous power production (as well as the utility grid’s voltage & frequency), the system’s lifetime energy production, the daily time online “selling”, fault messages, and installer customizable screens. A vibration sensor allows the tap of a finger to activate the LCD backlight.  All in all, we feel that the Schneider Conext series of grid-tie solar inverters is one of the best on the market today. Please click here for the spec sheet for more details or give us a call if you would like us to size a grid-tie PV system for you featuring one of these Schneider Electric Conext series inverters.

Model Conext 2.8 Conext 3.3 Conext 3.8 Conext 5.0
Efficiency percent 94.5 95.0 95.5 95.5
DC input voltage 195-550 195-550 195-550 240-550
Continuous power watts (240) 2800 3300 3800 5000
AC output volts 240 240 240 240
Dimensions inches 35.4 x 16 x 7.3 in. 38.9 x 16 x 7.3 in.
Weight lbs. 66.6 70 80.3 84
Price $2050 $2400 $2575 $3250

Optional Accessories:
Communications Gateway NA $650
Conext Solar Inverter Monitor  $300


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